Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. Trademark and Keyword Usage Policy
Last modified: June 7, 2013

  1. 1. Unless otherwise approved in writing by Hawaiian, a Travel Service Provider (“TSP”) must not: 
    1. Purchase as keywords, or otherwise use to drive consumers to its website or business, any Hawaiian Airlines trademarks or common misspellings or variants thereof (including but not limited to the trademarks and variants available at www.HawaiianAirlines.com/Keywords; or
    2. Publish web pages similar to those of Hawaiian Airlines (including but not limited to featuring layouts, backgrounds, patterns, colors or phrases similar to those used by Hawaiian Airlines or likely to cause confusion among consumers).  This restriction applies to, but is not limited to, any participation by a TSP in search related advertising services with any internet search engine or similar company.
  2. Failure to abide by this Trademark and Keyword Usage Policy (the “Policy”) will result in appropriate action, up to and including removing the ability to sell Hawaiian Airlines tickets.
  3. This Policy and the list of trademarks and variants available at www.HawaiianAirlines.com/Keywords are subject to change without notice.  TSPs are responsible for reviewing this Policy and the list of trademarks and variants periodically.