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Roundtrip Fares to Hawaii

Find Flights From Australia to Hawaii

Find flights from Australia to Hawaii and the US mainland. You can also use our fare calendar to find convenient flights to Honolulu. Hawaiian Airlines also provides daily interisland service between the Hawaiian Islands.

Australia to Hawaii Flights

For years, Hawaii has been a favorite travel destination for Australian travelers looking to go on holiday with family as well as solo travelers and couples in search of adventure. There’s something about the Islands’ warm weather, golden sands, perfectly groomed coastlines and friendly locals that is just so appealing. And while there are other airlines that will get you to and from Hawaii, none do it better than Hawaiian Airlines. For locals, showing aloha—that iconic island attitude of giving and respect— is vital, and is what makes flying Hawaiian Airlines so special. From the moment you step onto a Hawaiian Airlines plane at your departure terminal at the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, you’ll feel that aloha spirit—the essence of Hawaii. So when it comes time to book your flight from Australia to Hawaii, do it with Hawaiian Airlines.

Flying to Hawaii From Australia

Can you Fly Direct from Australia to Hawaii?
It depends on where you’re departing from. The only airport that offers nonstop flights from Australia to Honolulu is the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, while flights from other major Australian airports, such as Melbourne to Honolulu will require a—short—stop and layover at Sydney’s airport before making its way to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. If you’re flying to Hawaii and plan to stay and explore Maui, Kauai or Hawaii Island, you will touch down briefly at HNL Airport on Oahu before reaching your final destination. Regardless, tickets with layover times are short and give you a much needed opportunity to stretch your legs and pick up something to eat before the next leg of your trip.
When is the Best Time to Fly from Australia to Hawaii?
If you’re looking for the best time to plan your trip from Australia to Honolulu—or Hawaii in general—you won’t have to worry about the seasons. It’s pretty normal for Hawaii residents to only think of summer and winter when it comes to the Islands’ seasons, as the traditional seasonal changes don’t make much of an impact on Hawaii's always-tropical weather. Prices for flights to Hawaii are impacted by the months however, and typically you can find more lower priced flights from Australia during fall and spring, which tends to see less visitors and—this is
important—emptier beaches. And if you’re an Aussie in search of good surf, be sure to target the islands’ most consistent surfing months—November through January for northern shorelines and June to August for southern coasts.

How Long is the Flight from Australia to Hawaii?
If you’re planning to fly from Sydney to Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines most direct route to islands, you can expect to be up in the air for around ten hours—unless, of course, you’re planning to fly to one of the neighbor islands, in which case you might want to tack on an hour or two to account for layover time. Your flight time to Hawaii may also increase if you’re leaving from an airport that isn’t the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, which is the only one that offers direct flights to Hawaii. The estimated distance from Australia to Hawaii is just under 9,000 kilometers
General Hawaii Facts
Just in case you don’t know, Hawaii consists of six major islands—Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island (also known as the “Big Island”)—as well as numerous smaller atolls and islets stretching down the Hawaiian archipelago. On its major landmasses you’ll find some of the friendliest people on the planet, a large majority of whom are descendants of workers who immigrated to the islands to find jobs in the many plantations that once inhabited Hawaii, producing a variety of crops like pineapple and sugarcane.
  • Authentic Hawaiian hospitality
  • Complimentary meals at mealtime
  • Non-stop flight from Sydney(SYD) to Honolulu (HNL)
  • Authentic Hawaiian hospitality
  • Complimentary meals at mealtime
  • Non-stop flight from Sydney(SYD) to Honolulu (HNL)
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Useful Information for Our Guests On Flights From Australia to Hawaii
General Carry-on and Checked Baggage
Hawaii’s Plants and Animals Declaration Form
Just before your flight from Australia lands in Hawaii, your flight attendant will ask you to fill out a form to declare any plants, animals or other things that may be harmful to Hawaii’s environment. You’re required to complete this form and can preview it here.
On your Flight Home from Hawaii
Taking Home Lei:  You’ve received a beautiful, fragrant lei while in the island or want to take it back home with you. Learn about the requirements to take a lei on the airplane.

Taking Home Tropical Fruits Back from Hawaii:  It’s common for travelers to want to take sweet and juicy pineapple or papaya on their flights from Hawaii. Learn about the requirements to take these sweet memories back home with you.