Matsumoto Shave Ice

The place to stop on the North Shore for refreshing shave ice, Hawaii's snow cone.

Delightfully rustic, Matsumoto's has been serving the North Shore since 1951. But with features on The Travel Channel, The Food Network, and dozens of national and international magazines, this onetime grocery is now one of the best-known places to get Hawaii's favorite after-beach treat: shave ice.

The staff dole out more than 1,000 servings of the popular flaked ice-and-flavored-syrup treat every day. Devise your own combination with up to three of their homemade flavors or go for a special: you’ll find more than 40 flavors such as pickled mango, green tea, root beer, and papaya. They do sugar-free options too!

To kick up the indulgence factor, get a version with extras like vanilla ice cream, azuki beans (red beans boiled in water and sugar until softened), sweet condensed milk, mochi balls, and Chinese li hing mui powder.