Golden Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Bar

Tonkotsu (or pork broth) ramen done just right

It’s all in the name. 

And while Golden Pork specializes in the tonkotsu, or pork broth, the King Street eatery does it well. 

But first order the pork buns as a pre-ramen pupu. 

The slow-cooked pork ribs are topped with special teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise and melts in your mouth. 

As for the ramen: You can choose either thin ramen noodles or tsukemen, thicker noodles served separately from the broth and made for dipping. 

Golden Pork has three soup styles: the classic tonkotsu, the spicy red miso or black garlic. Each one is worth trying. 

The savory classic tonkotsu is consistently good, but the miso and chili oil kick it up without overwhelming and the black garlic oil adds an extra layer of flavor. 

It’s a good thing Golden Pork gives out stamp cards where you buy nine bowls and get the tenth free.