Sandy Beach

Easily one of the most popular beaches in East Honolulu, Sandy Beach is regarded as one of the best bodyboarding beaches in the Islands. Its famous — and incredibly dangerous — shore break, formed by a quick change in the ocean floor, draws experienced spongers and bodysurfers from around the world, including President Barack Obama, who grew up bodysurfing the waves here. But the danger at Sandy’s is no joke: every year, Honolulu lifeguards make more rescues here per beach user than at any other beach they guard on Oahu. But there’s more than just shorebreak here. Sandy’s boasts a couple of popular surf breaks offshore, a nice bank of sand to lounge on while watching the waves, and a huge grassy field where you’ll often find dogs running and kites flying overhead on the weekends. You can catch gorgeous sunrises from this beach, too, especially in the summertime.