Prepare for the unexpected at Kickshaws, which means a delicious bite of food. 

Owner Seth Peterson has a Bachelors in biology and a passion for molecular gastronomy. 

Using scientific techniques, he’s created a sandwich-based menu that some might call upscale comfort food. 

Sometimes, Peterson surprises guests with an amuse-bouche: A small mouthful of something like powdered peanut butter and liquid jelly balls or nutella powder with fresh apple bananas and meat caramel. 

The PBAT sandwich features tender bacon that’s cooked for six hours, sous vide. It’s crisped on the grill and topped with arugula, tomato, pickled mustard seeds and applewood-smoked mayonnaise. 

Tempeh Banh Mi, a vegan sandwich, includes squares of fermented soybeans marinated in yellow curry that are topped with cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro oil, coconut Sriracha mayonnaise and smoked soy sauce gel.