Al Pastor

Paulino Hernandez's marinated meats are a labor of love

Al pastor means shepherd-style in Spanish, and in Hawaiian it means huli huli. 

Basically, meat is marinated and cooked on a rotisserie. 

Owner Paulino Hernandez starts by shaving pork and soaking it in a guajillo chili marinade overnight. 

In the morning, he stacks it onto the spit of his al pastor machine and roasts it until it crackles with flavor. 

Soupy pinto beans, fish tacos and Spanish rice are made fresh daily, and the small menu even includes tacos de lengua (beef tongue). 

Grilled steak tacos are also available, which are served with beans and rice. 

Paulino’s hot sauces (think chipotle, green habanero, or serrano) change everyday. His wife Faun delivers orders with a smile and if she has time, will happily sit down and talk story.