Kauai Coffee Company

With orchards that extend over 3,100 acres, Kauai Coffee Company is the largest coffee estate in Hawaii and the producer of more than half of the coffee grown in America (Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee commercially).

On a guided half-hour tour that’s available four times daily, you’ll stroll on a path beneath the shade of coffee trees and learn about the history of the company, which dates back to 1987; the five varieties of Arabica coffee that it grows; and how coffee is harvested, processed and roasted.

At the visitor center, you can sample all 28 of Kauai Coffee’s 100% estate-grown products, including coconut caramel, Irish crème and other flavored coffees.

Estate grown means the products are made from beans that are grown, harvested, processed and roasted on Kauai Coffee’s plantation; no imported beans are blended with them, which guarantees consistent quality.

If you’re visiting from mid-September through early December, you might see crews picking ripe coffee cherries because harvesting goes on round the clock — a unique practice in the coffee industry.