Manini Beach, Kealakekua Bay

Sweet, hidden beach is a treasure that would be easy to miss

It’s a great favorite of locals and longtime regulars. Manini (named after the striped reef fish) is small, shady and green, tucked into the southern coastline of famous Kealakekua Bay.

A white sand passageway through lobes of pahoehoe lava leads you out (through the shock of fresh water) into the storied coral gardens of the bay. Any direction is a good direction, but keep in mind that waves tend to break from the left side. 

From Hwy 11 (Belt Road), take Napoʻopoʻo Rd (Hwy 160) down to Kealakekua Bay. Turn left at the T intersection at the bottom and you will see the signs to Manini Beach Road. Park in the tiny lot if you can, otherwise park on the road (be mindful of the residents).