Polynesian Cultural Center

Learn about Polynesia's past and present through re-created villages.

Throw a spear. Weave a flower lei. Make fire by rubbing two sticks together. Get hands-on insights about life in Polynesia, past and present, at this “must-see” cultural experience on Oahu’s north shore.

Authentically re-created villages representing the island groups of Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, the Marquesas and Maori New Zealand border a waterway that winds through the picturesque 42-acre site. Allow plenty of time to participate in activities in the villages; for instance, display your sense of rhythm by beating on the lali (log drum) in Fiji; learn how the Samoans use sticks, stones, leaves and husks to cook food; and test your eye/hand coordination by playing tititorea, a fun stick game, in New Zealand.

Other highlights include the 119,000-square-foot Hukilau Marketplace, with more than 40 retail, dining and activity vendors; an afternoon show featuring performers who drift down the waterway on double-hulled canoes; and a spectacular evening show spotlighting music and dances from all of the Center’s island groups except the Marquesas (the thrilling Samoan fire knife dance is a perennial favorite).

Open Monday-Saturday 12-9pm, closed Sunday