Hawaii Food Tours

Hawaii's first food tour

“The best way to experience Hawaii is to taste it!” So says Matthew Gray of Hawaii Food Tours, the Islands’ first food tour company.

Prior to starting it in 2004, Gray was the personal chef for Ron Leavitt (creator/producer of the long-running TV series “Married with Children”), Don Simpson (producer of Top Gun, Flashdance and Beverly Hills Cop) and a host of other celebrities.

These days, he oversees two popular tours for foodies.

Offerings on the Hole-in-the-Wall Tour in Chinatown include dim sum, crack seed, baked manapua and, according to Gray, the best Korean barbecue chicken in the world.

The North Shore Food Tour whisks you to the country for garlic shrimp, a Hawaiian plate lunch at a poi factory, Snow Puffy pastries (heaven for those with a sweet tooth) and more!

Reservations required