Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

A variety of trails from .6 to 7 miles offers options

Those looking for unbeatable views of Central and West Maui as well as the islands of Kaho‘olawe, Moloka‘i and Lana‘i during periods of clear weather are in luck as this trek offers glimpses of the aforementioned vistas and more.

The trail system is extensive and offers hikes ranging in length from roughly a half-mile to seven miles. Camping is also an option along the trails, which fall within the Kula Forest Reserve at approximately 6,200 feet. The moist, cool conditions often spawn clouds and pockets of fog that encapsulate the native trees, flowers and creatures that call this alluring area home.

As a reminder, hunters frequent the area in pursuit of pigs and seasonal birds, so it is recommended that one wear bright-colored clothing. Also, the high elevation can produce cold, wet conditions, so appropriate gear and footwear are a must.