Makawehi Cliffs of Poipu

Turn left immediately out of the parking lot and with Shipwreck Beach on your right, follow the sandy trail through ironwood trees for about five minutes.

The trail begins climbing and turns to white rocks; climb for another five minutes, then you are there: on a bluff overlooking the ocean with dramatic views of sand dunes compacted into jagged cliffs, caves and coves that have been sculpted over eons of wind and wave erosion.

Sit in quiet contemplation of this landscape different than anywhere else on Kauai or walk along the ridge for one mile before returning.

Can be very gusty on windy days. Sturdy footwear recommended.

Location: Adjacent to Shipwreck Beach on the south shore
Parking: On Ainako Street next to the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort
Length: 2 mile roundtrip
Time: 1½ hours
Elevation: 50 feet
Difficulty level: Rocky, uneven trail; easy for sure-footed people.