Trucking Delicious

Gourmet-style plate lunch served up from a food truck

Chloe Sorey is a 23-year-old chef who has elevated the modest plate lunch. 

Her smiling face peers from the teal, 1970s-themed food truck as she hands you a recyclable takeout container loaded with steamed rice and house-made sides.

Favorites include fuchsia-colored crispy char siu chicken with pickled cucumbers and kimchi, or whole Kauai shrimp tossed in buttery garlic sauce and served with macaroni salad. 

Chloe competed in Season 4 of Food Network’s “Cooks vs. Cons” and won the first round with a version of her signature stuffed wontons. 

Rotating desserts have included haupia cheesecake with cubes of purple sweet potatoes and ube cream frosting, and passion fruit cream cheese wontons drizzled with coconut caramel sauce. 

Instagram: truckingdelicious