MCS Grill

Vegan-friendly family restaurant serves up something for everyone

The food at MCS Grill was inspired by Macklin Valenciano’s wife.

Before she lost her life to cancer, Macklin promised the vegetarian he’d secure the future of their daughter, Shaylin.

“M” and “S” brought in “C”, Chimes Lauama, who lost her brother to leukemia.

The menu keeps Westside residents happy with favorites such as chili pepper chicken, but healthy options include sides of brown rice and green salad.

Entree salads include grilled mahimahi with lilikoi vinaigrette, or Thai with steak or tofu and homemade peanut vinaigrette.

Veggie Loco Moco comes with a house-made bulgar, barley and quinoa patty, and the vegetarian lentil loaf is served with gravy, rice and salad.