Hanalei Taro & Juice Company

Hanalei Valley's scenic overlook is one of Kauai’s most iconic views. 

A patchwork of taro fields irrigated by the Hanalei River stretch across the basin and mountains draped in waterfalls hug the valley, where endangered birds flourish in the National Wildlife Refuge. 

W.T. Haraguchi Farm is a six-generation family farm tucked along the river.  

Specializing in kalo (taro), which is regarded as Hawaii’s staff-of-life, the family grows on 30-acres. Some of what they grow ends up at their family-owned food truck, which is located in downtown Hanalei. 

Locals appreciate authentic Hawaiian dishes such as laulau (local pork steamed in taro leaves), kulolo (a coconut pudding made with taro) and poi as well as contemporary options such as taro smoothies, taro hummus and taro veggie burgers.