Kahaluu Beach Park, Kailua-Kona

A snorkeler's haven along Alii Drive about 6 miles south of Kailua Town

The remains of a great breakwater constructed here by Hawaiians in the 1500s protect and calm the nearshore waters and make this an ideal snorkel spot year-round.

The entry in front of the beach pavilion is a mix of rock and sand and can be a little tricky to navigate, best to just scoot into the water and put on your gear there.

Cloudy water (from humans entering and exiting) gives way to crystal-clear water and an average depth of 8-10 feet. Small coral heads dot the bottom, all of them busy with fish like saddle wrasse, lavender tang, and ornate butterflyfish.

Hawaiian green sea turtles are also becoming more common here, perhaps because of the safety of the breakwall. 

Learn your fish and best reef practices with the folks from ReefTeach who educate visitors about the preservation of the bay.