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Roundtrip Fares to Hawaii

Find Flights From Sydney to Hawaii

Find flights from Sydney (SYD) to Honolulu (HNL) Hawaii. You can also use our fare calendar to find flights from Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, HI. Browse our best roundtrip flight deals between Sydney and Hawaii using our easy-to-use flight search.

Sydney to Hawaii Flights

For decades, Australians have been making the trip from Sydney to Hawaii to go on holiday with their family or as a solo adventure. And for good reason! The islands are one of Australia’s closest neighbors and trading the golden shores of Bondi Beach for the fine-Hawaiian sands of Waikiki isn’t a bad deal in the slightest. Of course, choosing the best airline you can when booking your airfare from Hawaii to Sydney is just as important as planning which hikes, beaches, restaurants and more you’ll visit on your Hawaiian holiday. One of the most trusted local airline carriers in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is known for its dedication to getting you to and from your destination on time with great—aloha-first—customer service.

Flying to Hawaii From Sydney

What is the Cheapest Day to Fly from Sydney to Honolulu?
Typically, you’ll find that it is more affordable to book your airfare departure dates on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, booking your SYD to HNL flight with Hawaiian Airlines is different. With our website—which you’re on right now!—you can expect to find the best flight deals on direct flights to Honolulu, Kahului, Kona and more. Hawaiian Airlines also offers a variety of seating options on all Hawaii flights to match everyone’s budget.
When is the Best Time to Fly from Sydney to Hawaii?
The real question is, what are you traveling to Hawaii to see? Since there is no “bad” time to visit the islands, travelers can plan their itineraries around seasonal festivities and events without having to worry about the weather. For example, North Pacific Humpback Whales, known as kohala in Hawaiian, come to Hawaii to breed and raise their young from November through May. Surfers will want to target summer months if they’re looking for waves on the southern shorelines, while the North Shore of Oahu begins holding its fabled surf contests—like the Billabong Pipeline Masters—in the winter. Flights from Sydney to Hawaii will be lower priced during the fall and spring season, as tourism in general tends to dip during those times of year, with summer and winter being the most popular times to make the trip to Honolulu.
How Long is the Flight from Sydney to Hawaii?
Not as long as you’d think, especially if you’re leaving from Sydney—and that’s because flights from Sydney to Honolulu are non-stop. On average, your flight time should arrive in around ten hours. The distance from Sydney to Honolulu is 8,161 kilometers. If you’re planning flights from Australia to Hawaii and are thinking about traveling to one of Hawaii’s neighbor islands, such as Kauai, Maui or Hawaii Island (often referred to as the Big Island) expect your trip to take a few more hours as you’ll have a short—and very pleasant—layover at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) in Honolulu.
Hawaii Travel Information
While Hawaii and Sydney are both home to epic beaches and gorgeous outdoor experiences, there are quite a few differences between the two. Sydneyites may be surprised at Hawaii’s slower pace-of-life, which is often lovingly referred to as being on “Hawaii time.” Being a part of the United States, Hawaii uses USD as its primary currency, however credit cards are accepted at most storefronts—especially on Oahu—and international flights will require a valid passport upon entry. Also, bring a jacket, or some sort of long sleeve outerwear. While the islands may sport tropical temperatures and weather year round, it can get cold, especially in upper altitude districts such as Kula on Maui or Volcano on the Big Island.
  • Authentic Hawaiian hospitality
  • Complimentary meals at mealtime
  • Non-stop flight from Sydney(SYD) to Honolulu (HNL)
  • Authentic Hawaiian hospitality
  • Complimentary meals at mealtime
  • Non-stop flight from Sydney(SYD) to Honolulu (HNL)
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Useful Information for Our Guests On Flights From Australia to Hawaii
General Carry-on and Checked Baggage
Hawaii’s Plants and Animals Declaration Form
Just before your flight from Sydney, Australia lands in Hawaii, your flight attendant will ask you to fill out a form to declare any plants, animals or other things that may be harmful to Hawaii’s environment. You’re required to complete this form and can preview it here.
On your Flight Home from Hawaii
Taking Home Lei:  You’ve received a beautiful, fragrant lei while in the island or want to take it back home with you. Learn about the requirements to take a lei on the airplane.

Taking Home Tropical Fruits Back from Hawaii:  It’s common for travelers to want to take sweet and juicy pineapple or papaya on their flights from Hawaii. Learn about the requirements to take these sweet memories back home with you.