Kauai Vacation Packages

Aptly named “The Island of Discovery”, the Hawaiian island of Kauai is the quintessential vacation destination for those seeking total relaxation. Featuring sweeping vista views and white sandy coastlines, Kauai is truly like no other place on earth. Researching Kauai vacation packages can ensure that airfare, lodging, rental car and any activities are taken care of before you arrive.

There is no good method for discovering, “The Island of Discovery”. So instead, vary your approach to include tours by foot, canoe, car and even the sky! Perhaps your Kauai vacation package could include an aerial view by helicopter over the warm blue Pacific and the magnificent 3000 ft cliffs along Kauai’s Napali coast. Then, discover Kauai by boat. Unique in that it boasts the state’s only navigable rivers, Kauai offers canoeing, boating and kayaking opportunities not to be found anywhere else. Guided boat tours on the Wailua River include a stop over at the Fern Grotto, a natural stone cave formation, surrounded by lush hanging ferns closing this secluded little cave off from the rest of the world.

While booking your Kauai vacation package, be sure to reserve a rental car to explore the island by auto. There are many daytrips to be had on Kauai, and one that is not to be missed is dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. Waimea Canyon stretches an impressive 10 miles slicing through the Hawaiian terrain, is more than 1 mile wide and cuts down into the earth a dizzying 3,500 ft. Although hiking trails to accommodate all level of hikers are available, the many different perspectives of the canyons can be best viewed by car at the various designated look out points.

Discovering Kauai is best achieved through different means to provide a well rounded vacation experience. A Kauai vacation package also allows you to choose all of the activities and amenities needed to complete this wondrous experience.

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