Big Island Vacation Packages

Appropriately nicknamed “The Island of Adventures”, Hawaii’s Big Island is not only the largest island of the Hawaiian chain but perhaps the most diverse in terms of climate and landscape from one coast to the other. From lush tropical rainforests and powerful waterfalls, to walk in lava tubes and barren volcanic landscapes; visiting the Big Island of Hawaii offers travelers a chance to immerse themselves in Hawaiian culture, marvel at the beauty of nature and relish in the most luxurious of accommodations. Big Island vacation packages can provide travelers the chance to explore all that the Big Island has to offer without breaking the bank.

Big Island vacation packages allow you to enjoy all of Hawaii’s diverse climates and landscapes by securing accommodations at the island’s finest hotels, reserving a rental car to travel the island and providing an array of tours and activities to choose. Begin your tropical vacation by visiting Kona, on the west side of the island, an area known for its mild climate and sunny days. Kona proudly boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year with very little rain offering an ideal tropical vacation. Kona is great for lazing on the beach and dipping in the calm waters while sea turtles and dolphins are spotted in the distance seemingly indifferent to the beachgoers. All along the coast are hundreds of coffee plantations flourishing in the fertile volcanic soil and relaxing horseback tours.

Situated on the Eastern shores of the Big Island is Hilo. Hilo is a wetter, more tropical area of the island home to the famous Hilo Farmer’s Market which proudly showcases over 200 of the island’s best in fresh produce, crafts and goods. The Big Island is also home to The Volcanoes National Park, one of the “must see” places in Hawaii. With hundreds of trails crisscrossing 333,000 acres of volcanic craters, lush rainforest and two active volcanoes, The Volcanoes National Park is a national treasure and a place where the power of nature is showcased in stunning splendor and beauty.

From the Northern “Valley of the Kings” nestled between 2000 ft sheer rock walls, to the Southern black sand beaches of Punaluu; the Big Island offers an array of landscapes and backdrops for your perfect Hawaiian vacation. The money you’ll save with an inclusive deal isn’t the only advantage of choosing from various Big Island vacation packages. The peace of mind that comes from having secure reservations at the finest hotels, a vehicle waiting with a trusted name in car rentals and a number of activities promising adventure already on the itinerary is priceless.

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